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Learning Opportunities

1st Strategic Wealth Advisors offers educational workshops and online educational tools to help you understand complex concepts such as Social Security, Planning for Income in Retirement, and College Financial Planning. Below is a list of upcoming events:

Social Security Optimization

Understanding Social Security and how to make the most of this program can seem impossible to anyone first applying for their social security benefits. In many cases, the complexity of this program drives people to choose the easiest option for receiving their benefits - meaning they may be overlooking additional money they are entitled to.

Join us for our Social Security Optimization workshop to learn more about hidden Social Security benefits you may not realize. Call 856-270-6030 or contact for upcoming dates and times.

Retirement Income Planning

One of the biggest challenges in retirement is making your “nest egg” last for an unknown amount of time. Creating retirement income - that you can’t outlive! - is a critical piece of your retirement planning. Join us for our NextPhase workshop to learn how you can create a custom plan for your retirement income. Call 856-270-6030 or contact for upcoming dates and times.

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